Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby its cold outside!

Thanks to the fact that, even though Elon is closed due to the snow, my wonderful wife still has to work, I found myself on Elon's beautiful campus with my camera and plenty of time! Thus a new blog post!

The above shot is what I imagine the kids from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe saw as they emerged from it the first time.

The snow look so nice laying against the library:

I found this poor leaf being buried alive by the sleet:

I just really liked the look of the bark on this tree stickin up out of the snow.

This droplet of water was waiting in anticipation to drop to the earth:

The word that came to mind for this shot was "stark":

Lastly and shot of a different lamp post. They are scattered all over campus and make a great element to shoot:

I hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Auschwitz, Poland

Our first stop in Poland was Auschwitz. This is a place you have to experience. It is really hard to put it into words. Fortunately, I have images to help.

Upon entering Auschwitz you quickly realize that there were 2 main sections of this camp. The first part was the "nice" section as you see below.

These buildings, that once house prisoners, now house museums devoted to the camp. The things is these museums are incredible and horrific. They start you off "easy" showing you piles of luggage, piles of eye glasses, piles of crutches and fake legs and then move on to an entire basketball court sized room with a mountain of shoes on each side of it...

And this wasn't the worst display they had. The ultimate for me was the room full of human hair. They didn't allow pictures in that room and I don't think I could have even taken a picture as I was pretty shaken by the sight.

Also in that section of the camp was the only gas chamber that was still standing and yes, the tour took you through it. Almost as disturbing as the hair was the walls of this chamber...

After the tour of this side of camp ended, they take you to the "bad" side of camp. Most of it is not standing though it is easy to imagine that it hasn't changed since the ally's razed it.

There was a memorial to the Jews on the tracks in the middle of this section and it was an old train car that carried prisoners into the camp and it was adorned with flowers and stacks of rocks that people had left in rememberance.

There is one side of the camp that is still mostly intact. Inside they still had the sleeping arrangements set up and the like.

I will leave you with the most disturbing thing. At one side of the camp is where the 2 huge gas chambers and incinerators were. As you walk around you are stuck by a smell. After a while it hits you what it is. People, I kid you not... You can still smell the ashes...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was an interesting mix of new and old packed in right on top of each other and it was packed with people! There was a ton to see and definitely a lot of energy to the city.

The above image is looking up at one of the many castle like buildings in Prague. We began our stay by making our way towards the castle at the top of the city as you can see below.

It took us a good portion of the day to reach it, but the view from the top was awesome.

While we were at the top we hit the Strahov Monastery which as some beautifully painted rooms.

We headed back to the hotel and got back around dark. My brother and I decided to head out a catch some pictures of the city lights. I will leave you with those!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nuremberg, Germany

On our way to Prague we stopped over in Nuremberg for some lunch and a quick tour around. Old town Nuremberg is a walled city capped off with a castle which we didn't have time to see as this was a lunch stop. As soon as we got out of the parking garage we were greeted by St. Sebald rising above the trees.

We then set off to find some food thus heading for the market.

Our first stop was the Hauptmarkt. A square that was filled with vendors selling everything from produce, to flowers, to hard salami (which is what we ended up having for lunch).

Upon walking into the square you are greeted by the monument below and the Männleinlaufen church.

After we ate we then headed out exploring for a bit. The river Pegnitz runs right through the middle of the city. As you can see from the very first picture, the city is often flows right over it and being summer the flowers were in full bloom.

I found it interesting that on a building here and there throughout Germany you would find sun dials.

Our final stop was St. Lawrence's Church.

As you can see, it was a work of art!
The truly amazing thing about Nuremberg is the fact that it was almost completely flattened during World War II. The entire city has been rebuilt with great attention to preserving its history and making it whole once again. This is definitely a city in which I wish we had had more time to explore!

Next up, Prague in the Czech Republic. Just to give you a taste:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heidelberg Germany!

Hello! I realize it has been a looong time since I posted but in my defence I had over 3000 images from Europe to comb through. But I have finally made it through them and can start posting regularly now!!

So first and foremost let me refresh. My family and I went on a european trip for 2 weeks this summer. We started in Heidelberg, Germany. This is where my parents met and became engaged. We then moved on to Prague in the Czech Republic and then into Poland hitting Krakow and Czestochowa. Our final Stop was in Berlin, Germany. We also stopped on some smaller cities for lunches such as Nuremberg, Germany and Wroclaw, Poland as well as a castle on a mountain side in Poland called Pieskowa Skała. I will be posting pictures in order of the places we visited, so first up is Heidelberg, Germany.

This was one of my favorite cities. It is also one and the few cities in Germany that was never bombed in World War II. It holds a lot of charm and is nestled next to the Neckar River. We spent 3 days there and it was glorious.

The first thing we did when we got to Heidelberg is hop on a Neckar river cruise. This gave us a great flavor of Germany and Europe right off the bat. I feel like almost everywhere you look you see a castle or a cathedral or a walled city and the Neckar cruise was no different. The above mountain fortress is called Dilsberger. We also ran across a couple castles, some still inhabited and others just ruins.

The above castle was so precariously perched on the side of the mountain that it felt like it would fall into the river at any moment.

After the river cruise we spend the next couple days exploring the city. The it was the middle of the summer and as you can see below, the streets we colorful.

The second day we hiked up the Philosopher's Way which overlooks the city. The hike was wonderful and the views were awesome. The first picture at the top of the post is shot from there as well as those below:

As you can see in the above picture. The castle is a very prominent part of the city. It over looks it all and has views of the city that are breathtaking:

It lived up to all the stories my parents had told about it and more! Definitely my favorite city of the trip! Check back soon for the next stop on the trip Nuremburg, Germany!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lake Macintosh

Cathy and I ran out to Lake Macintosh for a quick 3 mile hike a couple weekends ago. The trail is right along the lake for most of the hike with a great little Gazebo at the halfway point. The above picture was taken at that point. The light was right and the reflection in the water was great!

Along the trail we ran into this little box turtle crossing the trail.

Cathy took an interest in all the different types of mushrooms along the trail and ended up getting more shots on this hike than I did! They really turned out great! Check em out:

Overall a fun little hike!!

I will be heading to Europe (Germany and Poland) for 2 weeks so if all goes well, I will be back with a ton of pictures to share!